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Zetscript programming language

Zetscript programming language
Vishal Vishal 22 February, 2018
Download zetscript-1.2.0-src.zip - 155 KBDownload zetscript-1.2.0-win32-x86.zip - 144.7 KBIntroduction ZetScript is a programming language with an API that allows bind C++ code in script side. ZetScript includes the following features:Virtual MachineLanguage syntax close to JavascriptMSVC++ 32/64 bits MSVC 2015/2017 or build tools v141Linux/MinGW 32/64 bits, g++ 4.8 or aboveSave/Load state supportDynamic Garbage collectorStraightforward way to bind C++ variables, functions, classes and its membersThe li...
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